During september 2017 I’ve had the possibility to participate in a group work with BMW Motorrad in Berlin, in order to create a campaign for them. 
The brief:
Develop a campaign in English targeted to (male) foreign tourists.
Make the target group curious to visit the factory. Keep in mind that the visit to the factory has to be planned in advance as guided tours through the factory are in high demand (waiting time approx. 3 months).

Organizing the work:
The task was assigned to different groups. I was in Group 6 with Tobias Huber, Emi Konomi, Tanita Helm and Kathryn Lawrence. We created the ficticious Zesty Creatives Agency and with our project we won the first prize of the contest. My major task has been creating the concept for our campaign.
The concept and placement:
The campaign will attract people to Berlin and to the factory by  using interesting characters that relate to recognizable stereotypes. The characters have bikes customized to enhance their resemblance to convey the uniqueness of each motorcycle coming from the BMW factory.
• Characters will be eye-catching to individuals who love bikes
• Arouse interest in going to see where their custom bike is made

Campaign placement:
• Throughout Berlin and the major cities of Germany (Munich, Frankfurt)
• Throughout travel hubs in the top ten countries for German tourism
• In online advertising campaigns
• In print campaigns
• 80% of international travelers do their tourist bookings online

Media placement:
•Focus online materials for Facebook and Instagram
•Responsive landing page for tour booking
•Print advertising in travel magazines
•Street advertising and offline marketing in top 10 target countries (including Germany)

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